Minimalism - The grass is always greener… unless you fertilize.

Minimalism - The grass is always greener… unless you fertilize.

Contrary to popular belief, minimalism isn't about living in poverty or deprivation. It's about simplifying your life so that you can focus on the things that matter most. Decluttering reduces stress and I know I am a much better dad and husband when I am not stressed.

At Curt + Myr Co. we believe… or… Myranda and I believe in making home your favorite place to be. We aim to make our home the best it can be by taking a minimalistic approach to life where the things you have are few but each one holds immense purpose and value. If you're gonna drink coffee, let it be the best coffee. If you're gonna wear clothes, let them be the highest quality. If your possessions are highly functional and top quality you will need fewer of them. Imagine standing in the middle of your home and spinning in a circle and loving every single one of the few things you have.

Myranda and I watched a documentary called "MINIMALISM" a few years back. It changed us. I immediately purged my closet and have done so multiple times. It's still a struggle to not live in excess but we make small efforts whenever we can. My favourite part of the documentary was when the gentleman blindly reached into his suitcase and while he did so he said something like "I'm going to pull out my favourite shirt. I know this because every shirt I have is my favourite." I love that.

This is the approach we take when we design and choose each and every item we have available at Curt + Myr Co. It is super rewarding to know the products in our store are making homes better. Quality over quantity. Aim for all your possessions to be your favourite. Hope this steers you into a more beautiful life.

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