From Country Music to Curt + Myr Co.

From Country Music to Curt + Myr Co.

Many of you have probably heard by now that I (Curtis) have quit my full time gig with High Valley. I had an amazing run being a part of HV with my brother Brad for 15 unforgettable years. So many hilarious and good times, so many cool opportunities, and so many great friends and people I’ve met along the way. Im excited to watch Brad take High Valley to incredible places in the coming years.

2020 was a year of perspective for Myranda and I. It became very clear to me how much I love making and creating with my hands, using raw, natural, and quality materials. In other words, leather and wood ;) In all honesty, this has been my passion for years. 2020 gave me the space and time to see what life could be like if I were to pursue it fully. As Myranda and I kept dreaming about starting a company together, the more it became clear that it was time to go all in and start Curt + Myr Co. 

So here we are! We said our sad farewells to the life, family, friends and farm we had in Tennessee and made the long haul back to La Crete Alberta Canada, our home town, after being away for 8 years. 

Why La Crete? Good question. We loved our farm, we loved our church, our people. We felt grounded and at home in Tennessee. However, the call to be back in Alberta, with the rest of BOTH of our families was greater. So we made the move we never imagined we’d make again, and said the hardest goodbye we’ve ever said. 

With all that said, we could also not be more thrilled and sometimes anxious about our new life and adventure in the North. Not only do we love that we get to raise our kids in the hometown we grew up in, but we also love that we get to start a new dream in an old and familiar place. This is comforting in a weird sort of way. 

Curt + Myr Co. is our dream. It is our passion. It is now our full time “gig.” We have already been blown away by the incredible support from all of you, near and far.  Some days we believe in ourselves more than other days. It seams that just when we start to doubt, somebody unexpected tells us how much they believe in our vision for the company or our phones light up with sales notifications. You guys are incredible, and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts. We love what we do, and we love that we can take you on this journey with us. We could not do what we love, without you. 

Thank you for all your support over the years and we are so thrilled to take you along in this new adventure! The door is wide open! Let’s run through it! Can’t wait to see where God leads us!

Curtis + Myranda

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Hey guys!
I have been a fan of High Valley for years! Got the cds, shirt, signatures, and pictures to prove it! Lol Had the pleasure of meeting you at a concert in the small town of Stirling, ON. So incredibly down to earth and funny. :)
Just wanted to say a quick hello, and congratulate you on your new adventure!!!! Your stuff looks amazing!
All the best in the future! I know you will continue to do great things!
Much love to all!

Melissa Maschin

Sorry I just found this. A friend helps me with technical support. You guys are awesome. Believe in yourself and keep soaring. So proud of you guys for coming back to Alberta Canada 🇨🇦. Follow your dreams guys. Love ❤ you guys Sheryl from Oshawa Ontario

Sheryl Orourke

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